How much do piano lessons cost?
$140/month for a 45 min. lesson each week
$180/month for an hour lesson each week

When is tuition due?

Piano-01-juneTuition is due on the first piano lesson of each month, and remains the same from month to month (regardless of the number of lessons). If you forget your tuition at your lesson, please mail it the next day. Your tuition guarantees a weekly spot with me per week.

This is a monthly fee, and not a per-lesson charge, as this is a payment for a specific time slot, and it is reserved for you weekly, whether you are able to take your lesson or not. So, if you must miss a piano lesson, the monthly fee remains. Under certain circumstances, some lessons may be able to be made up, due to schedules.

How much practice time is necessary?

The student should practice at least 30 min. per day, as a beginner. That should increase as the student advances. However, the more the student practices, the quicker progress is made. Practice should include working on only the more difficult spots, in addition to playing the song from beginning to end.

Can I practice on a keyboard?

Using a keyboard is not suggested. The student needs to get used to playing on the weighted keys of a piano, for finger strength. However, some digital pianos come with weighted keys, which is more acceptable. Another option is to check into renting pianos from a nearby music store.

What supplies do I need?

Music note flashcards are strongly suggested for the beginning student. A metronome is very helpful for the more advanced student.

What ages and levels do You teach?

I teach the beginning student from age 6 through adult, all levels. If you are interested in a younger student, please contact me. I will be happy to talk with you about your specific needs.

How do I find the right books?

As part of my teaching service, I provide the music books and other materials you might need for your lessons to save you the trip and simplify your life. You just reimburse me the exact total bill that I paid for the music.

How Can I Contact You? E-mail me at linda@jenkspianolessons.com or call at (918) 844-9696.