At what type of events does Linda perform?

Linda loves to go out in the community and play live music. Some of her venues are weddings, dinners, parties, funerals, concerts, corporate events, and background music for a variety of occasions. She have played the piano for years and have provided music for a variety of events.

Does Linda perform in educational settings?

Definitely. Having been a private school/public school teacher for 32 years, Linda feels right at home in a school environment. Linda did her Master’s Thesis on the benefits of music related to the progress of the child in academic studies. Thus, she is a strong believer in mixing music in the educational system. Just let Linda know how she can motivate your students.

Does Linda have merchandise available for sale?

Yes, Linda recorded a CD in 2008, you can play samples on the home page of this website, or order the CD on the payments page.

What does Linda charge per performance?

There are a variety of factors involved, including travel time, the nature of the performance (public concert, educational, etc.), and the preparation required. Linda wants to hear from you so she can give you an exact figure. She looks forward to providing music for your special event.

How can you contact Linda?

Linda would love to hear from you by calling 918-844-9696, or email