Jenks Piano Lessons By Linda



Passion and feeling… These are the two words that describe Linda’s music. Her friends say her eyes “light up” when she talks about music. She is recognized for being a pianist, piano teacher, choir director, singer, and songwriter in her musical career. Linda’s music has led her into some interesting and unique opportunities, including recording her very own CD.

Linda began piano lessons at the age of seven. By the age of 11, she was accompanying her mother in church. With the help of an awesome junior high music teacher, Dan Friberg, she was given the opportunity to play for various musical groups at the school. This experience gave her the confidence she needed and thus, was the beginning of a lifetime piano career. Linda has continued to study piano throughout the years from some very professional pianists, which has allowed her to increase her piano skills and enhance her artistic talent.

She began teaching piano lessons at the age of 16, as a junior in high school. Her students are given basic piano curriculum, music theory, scales, and other types of music that interest the student. Linda also plays by ear and is anxious to impart that skill to her more advanced students. Linda’s passion is the piano and she wants to inspire that love for the instrument, in the lessons. Miss Shade helps her students to realize the benefit of having a disciplined daily practice routine. In addition, a recital is provided for the students, which allows them to feel success with the progress they have made. Linda has been known to bring in guest professional artists to entertain at these recitals, as well. Linda continued teaching piano lessons through college and for several years while teaching public school.

Linda began her college career at Southern California College (now Vanguard University). She studied for two years as a music major. She then transferred to Cal-State San Bernardino, California, and majored in Liberal Studies (Elementary Education), with a concentration in music. She also directed the children’s choir at her church. In addition, she created a singing group called “American Singers” at Fontana Christian School, which did public relations work to help build the school. She both directed and accompanied this group, which lasted for six years.

Linda has had exciting musical opportunities since college graduation. She first taught school at Fontana Christian School for four years, and then moved on to the beach area to Torrance Christian School as a regular elementary teacher and also a music director. She then moved on to Gardena, CA, and was a music director for four years, over grades K-8. This was her favorite teaching position, which allowed her creativity to flow, including writing music and scripts, directing orchestras, directing choirs, teaching classroom music theory, and many other musical activities.

After leaving Gardena, Linda traveled to Oral Roberts University where she studied music theory, composition, advanced piano, and other music classes for two years. While there she met some key people, including Donald Ryan, from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Donald has been a great asset to Linda’s musical career, as well as being a long-time friend.

After Tulsa, Linda moved back home to Fontana, California, and taught 5th grade in the public education system for 22 years. While there, she continued to create and direct many different music programs, including Christmas and Patriotic.

In 2004, Linda became the “Kids Choir” director at Sunrise Church in Rialto, California, under the direction of Music Minister, Pastor Gregory Hooper. While at Sunrise church, she met Charles Kelly, who was the one who recorded her CD, a dream come true. The CD “Linda’s Song,” was produced in October of 2008, which includes her arrangements and some original songs.

This year, 2011, Linda retired from teaching in CA and has moved back to Tulsa, OK, to live with her Dad. Finally, she is able to pursue her music career full-time. Currently, she is teaching piano in her home. She will continue to share her music in churches and community events as opportunities arise. She praises God for the talent He has given her.